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Protera Clothing is the lightest, strongest, most comfortable FR rated clothing currently available on the market. You will love how easy it is to maintain the quality of the fabric, as well as how comfortable and light it feels compared to other FR products currently available.

High Visibility Flame Resistant (FR) Clothing FAQs 1 Are there any standards that require me to wear high-visibility clothing? ANSI, the American National Standards Institute is a private, non-profit organization that administers and coordinates the US voluntary standardization and conformity assessment system.

Flame Resistant & Arc Flash - Base Layer (83) Flame Resistant & ARC Flash - Headwear (89) Flame Resistant & Arc Flash - Jackets & Coats (135) ... Tingley ® Hi-Visibility Jackets. Protective clothing provides four 360° horizontal sleeve and two vertical 2" wide reflective stripes spanning jacket for increased safety and visibility.

Category HRC 2 - ARC Flash suit kits - High visibility Conti suits ATPV 12 , ... Multi-layered Protera. Arc flashes occur when electricity jumps across the phases and cause a short circuit and subsequent flash. Arc flash occurrences are a factor of the distance between the phases and distance from the source ( transformer) , the circuit ...

Arc Guard™ Arc Flash Hood Features: Multi-layer Protera® Arc Rating/ATPV = 40 cal/cm² Anti-fog faceshield One size fits all Also available with CrossVent fans... Add to Cart Add to Wish list Quick view

Arc Guard™ Arc Flash Hood Features: Protera® Level 2 Arc Flash Protection Anti-fog faceshield One size fits all with the universal adapter Add to Cart Add to Wish list Quick view