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through this arc gap. The Arc Flash can be initiated through accidental contact, equipment which is underrated for the available short circuit current, contamination or tracking over insulated surfaces, deterioration or corrosion of equipment and, or parts, as well as other causes. An Arc Flash event can expel large amounts of deadly energy.

Survey Finds Need for Increased Arc-Flash Safety Awareness An arc-flash incident has been experienced by one out of every three people, found a new survey conducted by Littelfuse earlier this year. Many people, the survey found, are not familiar with the Hierarchy of Controls outlined in NFPA 70 E.

increased risk and a rising number of arc flash incidents. ... Appropriate work techniques, and selection and use of appropriate PPE for arc flash protection, will be predicated on the severity of the arc flash hazard, meaning the employer must determine through one of several engineering analysis tools the severity of the arc flash hazard and ...