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We can help you proactively plan for routine maintenance and identify and mitigate potential conditions that could lead to arc flash or blast. Our comprehensive Arc Flash Studies provide a thorough analysis of your systems and equipment to help reduce risk, increase competency for employees or contractors, improve documentation, and achieve ...

110.1 Risk Assessment Procedure Outline: Thoughts: (Cont.:) • Not to be confused with “Energized Work Permits” • This assessment form is simply a way for qualified employees to dive deeper into “evaluating” certain activities. • Example might be: Documenting some risks for de-energizing a high arc flash risk item like main switchgear?

Arc Flash Risk Measurement & Reduction at a Power Station. We worked directly with AES to provide a detailed analysis of their electrical network, assess the protection grading throughout the station, evaluate the risk of arc flash hazard, and provide appropriate mitigation measures.

Our application and experience on the OSHA aspect of compliance allows us to evaluate the arc flash study component of the process and combine other key elements into your program. Training, policy development, and sound infrastructure all drives confidence in a complete electrical safe work practice program.

In many cases, lower fault currents can result in higher arc flash energy, since the overcurrent protective device may not clear the fault as quickly. 2. What steps can I take to evaluate arc flash risk in my facilities? The most important first step is to complete an arc flash hazard analysis.