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Watson Energy Solutions leads North Carolina in energy solutions, providing electrical, and energy services for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities throughout North Carolina. From general electric services to comprehensive electrical energy audits, we can help your facility navigate its way to an efficient, low-cost energy ...

Arc Flash Studies Are Affordable. The arc flash studies at e-Hazard don't have to blow your budget - our experts can provide arc flash studies using the latest software (SKM, EasyPower, EDSA, or ArcPro). Customized solutions by e-Hazard allow you to control the cost of the services you need without paying for those you don't need.

ARC FLASH SOLUTIONS Electrical Engineering Services Be Safe and Compliant Arc flash is a serious hazard with ... complete, cost-effective arc flash solution. Our arc flash solutions include: y Risk assessment y Hazard labeling plan yySite review/compliance assessment

We're passionate about conducting in-depth Arc Flash assessments of electrical systems so your people can work safely and return home to their families after each and every shift. We perform detailed Arc Flash assessments and implement cost-effective solutions for short-term and long-term arc flash mitigation.

structure and implement a complete, cost effective arc flash solution for your plant of facility. Our engineering teams can help you craft arc flash solutions that provide the required worker safety and regulatory compliance while you're coping with fewer resources and constrained budgets. NEW

develop and implement a complete, cost-effective, single-point arc flash solution. Our comprehensive portfolio of arc flash solutions includes: yyRisk assessment yySite review / compliance assessment yyProtective scheme design review yyShort circuit and coordination studies yySingle-line diagrams yyArc flash analysis yyHazard labeling plan