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Arc / FR Rated Rainwear Jacket offer the safety and protection you demand, with plenty of comfort and features that you will appreciate. This fire safety product helps you fight the elements with this full-featured Flame Resistant and Arc Flash Rated Rain Jacket.

distracted by discomfort in cold or wet conditions. Rainwear made with GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabric provides the best combination of broad protection, comfort, and durability for arc-flash rated, foul-weather protection applications. Broad Protection: Arc flash and Hi-Vis GORE-TEX PYRAD® fabrics deliver protection beyond ASTM F1891 requirements.

Using revolutionary self-extinguishing properties, the arc flash-rated fabrics are able to maintain their physical integrity even after direct exposure to flame. In addition, rainwear constructed from GORE-TEX PYRAD laminates satisfies the conditions for ANSI 107 high-visibility, improving the safety of line technicians without requiring them ...

Most rainwear, however, are made from meltable fabrics that could melt during an arc flash. Also, although rainwear often says it is arc-rated this may have no correlation to an actual hazard. Many materials in the United States are still marked with FR even when it only passes a vertical flame test.