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- Gloves (two sets, one size 10, one size 9). Model #'s are CUL40-AFH, CUL40PT-XL. Cementex Ultralite Arc Flash Suit/Hood 40 Cal/CM2 Ventilator Ready Size XL | eBay

Level 2 UltraSoft® Arc Flash Kits Include: 20 cal FR Short Coat and Bib Overall made from UltraSoft® 11" Class "0" Rubber Voltage Insulating Gloves 10" Leather Glove Protectors Hard Hat with Arc Flash...

Arc Flash 40 Cal Apparel, Hazard Risk Category 4. Arc Flash 40 Cal Apparel - Hazard Risk Category 4 40 cal/cm² Arc Rating Total Suit CERTIFICATION: All materials, designs and findings meet the FULL requirements of NFPA 70E; to include ASTM F 1506 and ASTM F 2178 .