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An arc flash hazard analysis is an extension of a power system analysis (see “Benefits of performing a detailed arc flash hazard analysis”). Companies used to have electrical facilities engineers that were dedicated to keeping the electrical system up-to-date.

The method, however, really was designed for protection from arc flash only, thus the title. ASTM D120 gloves on the market today are made only of rubber and are primarily for shock protection, though historically, they have been covered with an ASTM F696 leather protector glove and provide excellent arc-flash protection.

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The Importance of Arc Flash Labels AF labels are used as warnings in order to protect all electrical workers and craft personnel, by displaying the recommended safe working distances from the hazard and the amount of protective clothing, arc rated (AR) clothing to wear that is quantified in energy of calories per square centimeter (cal/cm 2 ).

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Solar flash testing – technical background. The appliance used for measuring the output performance conformity of a solar PV module is call flash test machine or sun simulator. During a flash test the PV module is exposed to a short (1ms to 30 ms), bright (100 mW per sq. cm) flash of light from a xenon filled arc lamp.