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most accurate arc-flash hazard results. One of the most important pieces of information needed to do an arc-flash hazard analysis is the available fault current data from the utility at the point of interconnection, as the subsequent fault currents at different equipment locations in a facility are calculated based on this information.

(PPE) when properly worn will be able to withstand the arc flash energy, but this is not always the case. In some cases arc flash, PPE is being extensively promoted as the solution to any problem but as the legislation clearly sets out, the way to tackle hazards such as arc flash is firstly to eliminate the hazard and turn off the power.

IDC Technologies: Recent changes to arc flash standards and hazard reduction equipment Arc Flash & Isolation Safety Conference - Perth 2015 3 rated PPE, and while the realised incident energy was measured at levels 3 times higher than predicted by IEEE1584 the clothing also performed better than expected.