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voltcap® hard eye and face protection has been developed to offer thorough security appropriate to the hazard risk category. It provides linemen and electrical workers with active protection against arc flash for their eyes, in addition to head and face protection. Using optrel's innovative optical lens technology, voltcap®

Arc flash head protection offers performance, protection, selection. Flame resistant clothing: National Safety Apparel features a wide variety of flame resistant and arc flash stocked head protection. Whether you need protection from extreme temperatures or a multitude of hazards, we have you covered.

September 30, 2013 – DuPont's new Nomex MHP multi-hazard protection fabrics promise inherent, multi-hazard protection that can help keep wearers safe from a variety of thermal hazards, including heat and flame, arc flash and small molten metal splashes.

The National Safety Apparel C21IW03 arc-rated sweatshirt helps keep you warm and dry with NSA fleece flame resistant and water replant material. This navy hooded fleece sweatshirt is a 14.

National Safety Apparel® & Arc Flash Head Protection. April 22, 2016 ...

National Safety Apparel offers a wide variety of Arc Flash PPE. From CAT 2 to CAT 4, we have you covered head to toe with arc flash kits, hoods, jackets, overalls, and more. To maintain optimal garment protection, it is important to wash your thermal protective clothing according to the specific instructions.

National Safety Apparel® (NSA) is a fourth generation family owned, leading USA manufacturer for six key industrial markets: Arc Flash, Flash Fire, Thermal, Cut, High Visibility, and FR/Arc Rainwear. In 1935 Wallace “Wally” Grossman graduated from school and realized employment wasn't going to be easy due to the economic conditions.

May 12, 2016 – National Safety Apparel features a variety of flame-resistant and arc flash stocked head protection with many styles, fabrics and protection levels. For example, arc flash balaclavas paired with goggles and/or face shields offer an alternative to the traditional beekeeper's style hoods.

Used to describe personal protective equipment and fabrics designed to offer protection against an electrical arc flash. Arc-Rated fabrics are tested to ASTM D6413 to determine flame-resistance, as well as a variety of other test methods.

Electrical and Arc Flash Explosion ... Face & Head Protection Hearing Protection ... That's why we offer a robust variety of onsite programs, online resources and certified training centers designed to help your workers make safer decisions. ...

We offer a wide variety of complete head protection kits with an assortment of styles, fabrics and protection levels. Arc flash balaclavas paired with goggles and/or faceshields offer an alternative to the traditional beekeeper's style hoods. These combinations offer a lighter weight, often more breathable, and compact option for arc . . .

Faceshields & Visors Crews Face Shields and Visors. To protect your entire face in the workplace, we provide you with a variety of face shields and visors. Usually attached to other head protection, such as a hart hat, these face shields can also be held on a separate assembly.

National Safety Apparel brings you the ArcGuard Faceshield for arc flash head protection. It offers features such as high visible light transmission for increased visibility, an attached see-through chin cup for enhanced peripheral vision, and a lightweight design. Jan 28th, 2016 Arc flash ...