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PROBAN® PROBAN® is a chemically treated Cotton fabric designed to protect the wearer from a range of workplace hazards such as arc flash, flash fire, molten ferrous metal splash, exposure to welding and wildland firefighting. The PROBAN® process ensures the fabrics are guaranteed for flame resistance for the life of the garment, provided

PROBAN® garments provide protection to millions of workers against the risks of arc flash, flash fire and molten metal splash that exist in working environments across many industries: Oil and Gas, Steel plants, utilities, construction, automotives, equipment manufacturing, mining etc.

PROBAN® POLYMER is manufactured in-situ within cotton and cotton-polyester fabrics with THPC Chemistry. Solvay licenses its customers & a licence can only be obtained if the customer agrees to operate the process according to Rhodia's technical and health, safety and environmental requirements. Uses and Applications PROBAN® is a flame ...

Proban/leather jacket | Weld Warrior Proban®/leather jackets are designed for maximum comfort and safety. Sleeves and shoulders are made of durable grade-A leather to withstand the exposure to welding spatter. The front and back are made from flame-retardant Proban® material.

The Orange Proban® High Visibility Welding Jacket is 762mm long and made from 100% cotton treated with Proban for fire resistance. The welding jacket has an extended back for extra protection and has an offset Hook and Loop® closure for extra durability. Made from 320gsm Proban® a flame resistant 100% cotton treated with Proban®.

If you are curious to learn some general information about the different types of fire resistant clothing that can be used in welding and other applications and get some possible insights into what may be best for your job, please check out our article on Understanding FR Clothing. The welding process can be very hazardous to your health.

On display at NSC is a PROBAN® fleece that is exceptionally light for comfort, comes with 2 tones for high visibility and HRC 3 rating for ultimate protection from arc flash. On showcase in NSC is a PROBAN® coverall manufactured with an intimate blend of cotton-polyamide to give maximum comfort and robust protection from risks of arc flash ...

PROBAN® personal protective clothing delivers protection for the lifetime of the garment to millions of workers against the thermal risks of arc flash, flash fire, molten metal splash that exist in working environments across many industries: Oil and