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It's a frank and honest look at Standifer's contribution to the arc-flash incident. Other Reasons drives home the importance of “being present” when working with electricity. Also featured in the video are arc-flash survivor Donnie Johnson and electrical safety experts Bob LeRoy and Dan Holmberg.

Donnie Johnson: Story of an Arc Flash Survivor. BY KELSEY RZEPECKI. Published August 11, 2016, updated September 18, 2019. An arc flash explosion on August 12, 2004 changed Donnie Johnson's life. The husband and father of two suffered third-degree burns down to the muscle on both arms and hands, and second-degree burns to his face, head, and ...

Donnie Johnson: Story Of An Arc Flash Survivor Read the story of an electrical contractor who says the severe injuries he suffered from an arc flash explosion were preventable had he been wearing personal protective equipment.

An Arc Flash Survivor Speaks Out. February 9, 2018 On August 24, 2011, Brandon Schroeder was working on a job site handling an electrical task that he had performed without incident dozens of times before.

The human side of Arc Flash accidents. CAUTION! Some images in the videos below are extremely graphic! B elow are some videos shared on the Internet by a variety of Arc Flash survivors. Here is an amazing story of one arc flash survivor.

Arc Flash — A Survivor's Perspective Many of us have been raised to believe that respect is not given, it is earned — the question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you want Electricity to earn your respect.

Arc-flash research has revealed that a person who is exposed to an arc-flash event can have temperatures upwards of 437°F at their hands, 122°F at the chest area and upwards of 437°F at the face. Donnie was lucky that day and is quite fortunate to be able to tell his story.

Arc Flash Survivor: We've partnered with this worker to share his testimonial about human perseverance and the devastating effects of an Arc Flash. This is his firsthand account of the incident ...