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A summary of the major changes relative to arc flash hazards are as follows: Incident Energy & Approach Distances After April 1, 2015, incident energy calculations and new OSHA Minimum Approach Distances (MAD) must be determined for work on energized electrical equipment.

An arc flash is a complex phenomenon gaining increased understanding and attention in the electrical safety world. Arcs are basically ionized gases caused when electricity travels through air. "arc flash", "arc blast" and "electric arc" are really all different names for the same basic phenomenon. Arc Flash Overview

Arc fault can result from many things, including failed/damaged equipment or wiring, loose connections, transients, and system faults. Arc flash is a rapid release of energy due to an arcing fault, in which the air serves as the conductor. Typically, the bus voltage is greater than 120V since lower levels generally will not sustain an arc.

Arc Flash Printers: An Overview. BY GRAPHIC PRODUCTS STAFF. Electrical hazard violations, including arc flash accidents, were the 10 th most common OSHA citation in 2015. Year after year, electrical hazards routinely appear on the inglorious list. It doesn't have to be this way. Now is the time to reexamine your arc flash labeling system and ...

Summary. Arc Flash is a topic that is not going away. It's a subject that has received a tremendous amount of attention lately. The costs to perform the necessary arc flash hazard analysis are expensive and site specific, frequently running up to $10,000 per facility or more. Training personnel and purchasing required protective gear only ...

To assist you, I have put together the following information that I hope will give you an overview of Arc Flash Protective Workwear: THE IMMINENT DANGER OF AN ARC FLASH Understanding the imminent hazard of an arc flash is a prerequisite to sourcing the right protective clothing that is best suited for a specific job/environment.