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Short Circuit Study. ... The Arc Flash Study determines the incident energy and arc flash boundary for each location in a power system. ... Request a Quote. WELCOME to Power Study Consultants, Inc. (PSCi) We provide power system analysis and design solutions for engineering consultants, electrical contractors, and facility and property managers

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ARCAD's Arc Flash Analytic (AFA) software is the first and currently the only arc flash software capable to calculate arc flash boundaries based on the 1.2 cal/cm 2 (5 Joules/cm 2) incident energy or the evaluated onset to second degree burn energy.

The most efficient and accurate way to quote an arc flash risk assessment is using existing one line drawings and / or previous studies. Alternatively, we have a short questionnaire that can be filled out, or we can provide site visits when justified.

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arc flash quote Short Circuit Analysis Protective Device Coordination Arc Flash Study * Arc Flash Study includes Protective Device Coordination and Short Circuit Analysis

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Request an Arc Flash Quote; Request a Quote for an Engineering Study; Request a Quote for an Engineering Study. Let us know a bit about you and we'll give you a call to discuss your project. ... Arc Flash Hazard Arc Flash Study. The NEw NFPA 70e. PPE Categories Arc Flash Labeling 2018 Edition.

RFP 2010-34 Electrical Arch Flash Hazard Study Page 3 of 27 11/9/2010 Section 1- Proposal Provider Instructions 1.1 Overview of the RFP Consolidated School District 158 Overview Consolidated School District 158 is located in the northwest Illinois counties of McHenry and Kane, and

Taking the Flash Out of Electrical Safety . ARC FLASH STUDY QUOTE REQUEST FORM. UTL.C.07.16 (502) 716-7073 Office (502) 371-6300 Fax 3018 Eastpoint Parkway Louisville, KY 40223 www.e-hazard.com [email protected] . Will you provide an electrician or someone familiar with your electrical system to accompany the data

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