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NFPA 70e compliant arc flash jackets come in indoor and outdoor styles and are offered in a variety of materials. We hope that you will be able to find the proper arc flash rated jacket on our site based on the calorie ratings, feature information, pictures and material descriptions that we provide.

View FRSafety's articles, sizing charts, and videos to help you purchase the right flame resistant clothing and flash fire PPE. You may wish to complete your www.frsafety.com purchase before you leave.

Arc Rated Clothing and Arc Flash PPE's. Protection from electrical arc flashes. Includes Trousers, Jackets, Hoods, and Faceshields from Elliotts Australia.

These jackets meet NFPA 70E standards for protection against electrical arc flashes for personal protection equipment (PPE) category 4. Check the PPE category and minimum arc rating provided for your workplace, and then select all required clothing and personal protective equipment to meet the minimum arc rating. Arc rating measures a garment's ability to insulate the wearer from burns; the ...

Stay protected against burn damage in areas with open flames, sparks and other potential fire hazards. Our inventory of flame resistant clothing and arc flash clothing includes - coveralls, flame resistant aprons, shirts, jackets, pants, overalls, sleeves and headwear. Select and order now!