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The five Hazard/Risk categories are specified by the chart listed in NFPA 70E. The chart, based on specific job tasks, ranges from HRC 0 (which is low risk and allows for 100% untreated cotton), up to HRC 4 (which is high risk and requires FR clothing with a minimum arc rating of 40).

Hazard Risk Category Common FR clothing at this level Minimum ATPV (Cal/cm^2) HRC ... An arc flash (or arc blast) event is a type of electrical explosion that results from a low ...

Hazard Risk Category Clothing Description Layer Requirements Minimum Arc Rating of ... Arc Flash Suit that Meets Minimum Arc Rating 2 or 3 Layers of PPE HRC 4 Arc Rated FR ...

available to choose arc-rated clothing and PPE. They were a bane, because they were difficult to use in the field and reduced the Hazard/Risk Category (HRC) number by 1, 2 or 3 numbers based on perceived risk. Important note on arc-flash labels It needs to be stated clearly that the table method is used only if an incident energy analysis has

An arc flash occurs when electrical current passes through air ... Hazard Risk Category – 2 FR Minimum Arc Rating of 8 Arc Rated Long Sleeve Shirt Arc Rated Pants ... previous chart Air test Cleaning (Courtesy Reed City Power Line) Visual inspection .