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Macron Safety 40 cal/cm² Arc Flash Coverall Suit. Macron Safety 40 cal/cm² Arc Flash Coverall Suit. Twitter. Facebook. Vimeo. Tumblr. Flickr. Pinterest. ... Woven 5 oz/yd² “Light Weight” dimensionally stable novel fabric composed of an optimal blend of Para-Aramid, OPF, and Novoloid (Phenolic) fibers. ... Canada to ASTM F1959/F1959M-04

a variety of different arc flash suits. Regardless of how light weight today's arc flash suits have become, they will be hotter and bulkier than the non-FR gar-ments your workers are currently accustomed to using! A variety of comfort options exists to help reduce the potential of heat stress while wearing an arc flash suit, including hood

Oberon TCG2P Series Ultralight Premium Arc Flash Kit introduces more durable and lighter weight suits with better shield visibility. Arc flash suit set comes equipped with a True Color Grey (TCG) hard cap and shield, balaclava, coveralls, and storage bag.

ARC rated Conti suits for everyday electricians use. HRC Hazard Risk category 2. In the electrical industry the situation may arise and electricians need to be protected against the harmful effects of an arc flash. Description: 2 Piece Conti suit HRC 2. HRC 2, ATPV 12 , 16, 21. 2 Piece Navy Jacket with zipper and 2 breast pockets.

Function of Du Pont Nomex LLT Arc Save flash suits : The protection provided from Nomex Arc Flash suites gives a person the benefit of a few seconds to escape the Arc flash, by preventing the burning of skin. The main characteristic of Nomex material is to self extinguish. ( FR – Inherently flame retardant – not treated).