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Looking for SALISBURY Front Brim Arc Flash Faceshield with Hard Hat, Type 1, Class E ANSI Classification, ProShield™ (5YGK2)? Grainger's got your back. Price $70.42. Easy online ordering and next-day delivery available with 24/7 expert product support.

Arc flash protection: Honeywell announces the North Zone™ full brim hard hat/face shield combination kit with advanced ergonomic and safety features that protect a utility worker's most important asset -- the head. The hard hat from Salisbury includes an internal suspension system with multiple adjustment points that not only provide for a ...

MSA and Miller welding helmets and hard hat adapters are designed specifically for use with many MSA hard hats. A top level of protection to help prevent eye injury and skin burns with the options of passive and active welding helmets designed to protect and perform in demanding welding, cutting and grinding applications.

Meets ANSI /ISEA 125 Level 2 Conformity and Arc Flash PPE Category 2 Standards with an arc rating of 17 cal/cm2. Please refer to NFPA 70E or CSA Z462 Standards for specific selection requirements. Shield made from a durable polycarbonate and has optional anti-fog and scratch resistant coatings. Color Clear Grey Face shield comes equipped with an Oberon or Canadian hard cap.

ANSI Face Shields Arc Flash-Protection Face Shields Disposable Face Shields Hard Hat Face Shields Safety Face Shields Welding Face Shields. ... Hard Hats with Face Shield and Earmuffs. These hard hats give all-in-one head, face, and ear protection. Lift the face shield and earmuffs when not in use.

Arc Flash shields are designed to provide protection against low-level energy arc flash hazards. Arc face shields, when worn with a sock hood (balaclava) provide protections for NFPA 70EHazard Risk Caregory 2(HRC2), up to 12 cal/cm². Face shields are tested according to ASTM F-2178-02a and ANSI-Z87.1-2003. There are a variety of options for purchasing a […]

The arc flash face shield with hard hat is a convenient addition to your arc flash PPE. The hard hat is one size fits most and the face shield has an anti-fog feature that the level of safety it provides during tasks that expose workers to arc flash hazards where the shield cannot be lifted.

Featuring a wide viewing area for excellent visible light transmission, this SALISBURY arc flash faceshield with hard hat has a faceshield visor with thick, antifog green lens that absorbs harmful UV radiation. Model comes with a front brim hard hat, chin cup, and a faceshield visor with an ATPV rating of 10 cal./cm2.

AS1200HAT offers great face protection. The AS1000HAT Includes Front Brim Hard Hat, Dielectric Slotted Bracket, Arch Shield and Chin Cup Features: 10 cal/cm2 ATPV rating when used with the included chin cup.

Unit includes ventilation ribs that allow a natural convection air flow through the top of the faceshield. This reduces fogging of the visor and improves comfort for the user. Shield stows in a balanced, compact position, centered over the top of the hard hat when not needed. Unit has an arc rating of 12 cal/cm2.

Salisbury Arc Flash Shield 10.8 Cal With Chin Cup & Front Brim Hard Hat SA29R AS1000HAT Price: $85.50 Salisbury Arc Flash Faceshield Kit 10 Cal SKA10 Stock Item

Arcflash protective faceshield in accordance w/ European and American standardATPV 12 Cal/cm²

The Cementex AFS-150 is a yellow, arc flash face shield . It comes with a dielectric hard hat and provides protection against low-level energy arc flash hazards.Cementex AFS-150 ...

Arc flash faceshields are no exception, and revolutionary technology has transformed the historic green arc flash face shield to a highly transparent, nearly clear, arc flash protective shield that provides heightened color recognition and improved visibility. Legacy arc flash face shields have been green-tinted.