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Arc flash calculations assume the door is open. This arc flash video shows why. Although not an extreme amount of short circuit current for this test, it is enough to create enough blast pressure from the arc flash and blow the door open. Do the doors blow open for every case? No.

PROTECT your body from welding spatter and arc flash with protective clothing including woolen clothing, flame-proof apron and gloves, leather ... when uSing an open aRc pRoceSS, it iS neceSSaRy to uSe coRRect eye, heaD anD ... a pan. The incorrect, long arc has a hollow, blowing or hissing sound. 4. The Correct Welding Speed

Arc Flash Accident Videos ... In this article, we've gathered the most compelling and informative arc flash and arc blast videos. We hope that you will find them useful for learning about the dangers of arc flash and teaching others. ... It shows three workers working in the open door of an exterior electrical substation when an arc flash ...

The link below is a video that I shot in the lab of a 400A bus plug with it's doors closed being blown open by an arc flash at 600 volts with 23,000 amps. I posted it in a response last week so it was worth reposting for this week's question. Video-Doors Blowing Open.

I have a 2005 Ford Escape that has the following problem. The “door open” indication light will, at times remain on while driving, and all doors are secure. Also, then while parked in a parking lot or drive way (with no one in it), and with the doors locked, the horn will start blowing until you hit the unlock button on the remote.

This solution will still be efficient when the panel door is open during maintenance. However, it's very difficult to equip existing panels with this solution. Active arc flash protection. Also mentioned in my last post, this method uses optical detection of an arc flash ignition.

It exposes the employee to two major hazards: electrocution and arc flash. Applying a meter across an open fuse could cause the equipment connected to start unexpectedly. If the problem is not a blown fuse, the employee just closed the disconnect switch with the door open, which is hazardous.

Yet, not every arc flash results in doors blowing open, an enclosure failure or energy “escaping.” When performing an arc flash study, how can you determine whether an enclosure will contain the arc flash? That is the problem. There is simply not enough data available to make this judgment with any degree of certainty.

The protection system is active and responsive during operation or maintenance, even if the switchgear door is open. Depending on the hardware used, such a system will operate in less than 1 ms (without breaker operation time). For efficient arc flash fault protection, sensors should be deployed in all zones.

[QUOTE=Jraef;2005259The image is a brand new Siemens breaker with too low of a fault rating put into an old MCC bucket and blowing apart under fault current stress, taking the door with it.[/QUOTE] So it was an improperly applied (under rated) breaker that exploded, not simply a door failing during an arcing fault event.

Underground workers burned by arc flash. July 27, ... Two workers have been injured in an arc flash and blast incident in a West Australian underground mine. ... blowing the cubicle door open.