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Even when regular safety goggles or glasses are worn, arc flash may cause severe damage to vi-sion and or blindness. Intense ultraviolet (UV) light created by arc flash can damage the retina in the eye. Exposure to UV can cause a feeling of grit in the eye, blurred vision, burning sensations, eye tearing, and even headaches. The pressure cre-

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1.2 This test method determines an arc rating for eye or face protective products. The faceshield, safety spectacle, goggle or or other applicable portions of the complete product must meet ANSI Z87.1. This excludes the textile or non ANSI Z87.1 testable parts of the hood assemblies or other tested products.

No it isn't safe. Welding masks are really dark. They protect you from 100% of UV and 99% of visible light and IR radiation. Distance protects you too. It reduces radiation intensity with a square law, meaning that at 10 times the distance (20 fee...

Arc eye is a condition in which the outer layer of the eye is damaged due to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The condition gets its name from one of the most common causes of corneal burns: exposure to the bright electric arc created when welding metals. Arc eye can lead to pain and severely blurred vision.When burns are mild, symptoms tend to go away in a few days by flushing the eyes with water ...

DRIFTING READINGS Drifting readings can occur if you are using a gel-filled electrode under the following conditions: when measuring a relatively large volume of sample, measuring samples at slightly colder temperatures, or testing fairly clean water.

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