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DuPont™ Nomex® brand fi ber helps manufacturers of garments offer the lightweight, comfortable protection your workers are looking for. Nomex® helps provide outstanding fl ame resistance, but that's not all. Fabrics made of Nomex® are also very strong and extremely durable, especially when compared to other materials such as fl ame-retardant-

Combining a super light weight overall, with excellent protection against electric arc flash and also maximum comfort and style. Great features make it a very functional. Very comfortable and durable water/oil resistant overall.

DRIFIRE 4.4 FR Coverall Specs Product Code DF2-450C-CA-NB-_ _ ... CAT Level CAT 2 Standards • Compliant to NFPA 70E for Arc Flash • UL Certified to NFPA 2112 for Flash Fire • Compliant to ASTM F1506 for Arc Flash ... Features • Dual certified to protect against flash fire and arc flash hazards • Lightweight, breathable fabric for ...

Flame-resistant coverall helps protect skin and clothing from damage caused by arc flash or flash fire Twill cotton is lightweight, non-abrasive, and breathable for use in warm environments Heat-resistance category is HRC 1