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Virtual Main Relay Low-voltage switchgear and switchboards can be subjected to dangerous levels of arc flash incident energy when fed directly from a power transformer. Upgrading switchgear with a virtual main relay adds over-current sensing to the low-voltage side of the service transformer and is designed to trip an existing upstream fault ...

A virtual Main consists of a digital relay and CT's added to the LV side of a substation transformer and wired to a Fault Breaking overcurrent device (Vacuum C/B) with the ability to use a "Maintenance Switch" to set a lower fault level trip or to use Short time Zone interlocking with the Secondary feeders to allow for faster tripping of the "virtual" main.

Schneider Electric has announced the introduction of its patented ArcBlok technology in the Square D Brand Model 6 Motor Control Center (MCC) for arc-flash mitigation. This will improve worker safety and protect equipment from damage. The new design prevents arc flash from originating, and ...

Schneider Electric's Virtual Main Arc Flash Mitigation system is a new concept which reduces arc flash energy across the entire low-voltage switchgear. This solution comes at a time when electrical safety and arc flash protection are increasingly top of mind for a wide range of organizations, including commercial buildings, industrial plants ...

Schneider Electric, a global provider for digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced its EcoStruxure Machine Advisor, a platform that allows OEMs and operators to Track, Monitor and Fix machines remotely.

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Schneider Electric™ Services offers an arc flash mitigation solution to upgrade unit substation equipment with the addition of a virtual main system. This new concept reduces the arc flash energy on the entire low-voltage switchgear, including the main incoming section.

Graybar Industrial Arc Flash Safety Brochure. Read this Industrial Arc Flash Safety brochure to learn about the recent changes to NFPA 70E codes, compliance solutions from Graybar and Schneider Electric for workplace safety and the six steps to protect your workers from Arc Flash including safety audits, PPE equipment and arc flash training.

VIRTUAL MAIN 1 VIRTUAL MAIN 2 Figure 1: Example system with virtual main relays instead of low voltage main breakers This report reviews factors affecting the arc flash hazard at low voltage sw itchgear and describes a proposed scheme using a Sepam protective relay applied as a virtual main to reduce the hazard.

Arc flash is a serious safety issue for electrical maintenance, and Schneider Electric is taking the initiative on this issue. Schneider says its Virtual Main Arc Flash Mitigation system is a new concept which reduces arc flash energy across the entire low-voltage switchgear, rather than just reducing energy levels for downstream equipment as largely seen in the past.

Schneider ™Electric Engineering Services advocates compliance to NFPA 70E not only for worker safety, but also equipment productivity. An arc flash accident can render equipment unusable and place the facility in a costly downtime mode.

Schneider Electric took on the challenge to create a new equipment design that is not just a barrier to arc flash events but helps to prevent arc flash causes from originating, extinguishing and ...

Dec 17, 2019 (Profound via COMTEX) -- The report provides rational insights along with historical and forecast data to aid in better understanding of the...

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis and Equipment Labeling 3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Tools ... Virtual Main . Schneider Electric Engineering Services May 3, 2013 31 Summary ... Schneider Electric Engineering Services May 3, 2013 50 Electrical Safe Work Practices ESWP

Protecting Against Arc Flash. An Arc flash is defined as a hazardous explosion of energy from an electrical circuit, or a type of discharge that results from a low-impedance connection through air to ground… Read more »